Motorhome Rental Terms and Conditions


  • Taxes and fees (I.V.A., etc…)
  • All included european insurance (Except 800 euros excess)
  • 24h roadside assistance (valid throughout Europe)
  • Free parking in our office while service lasts (only in Ciutadella)
  • Departure costs to start the route (1ª chemical gas charge and 1 wc chemical sachet)
  • Parking wedges
  • Motorhome electrical connection cable
  • Water loading hose
  • Converter from 12v to 220v
  • Kitchenware for all occupants (cutlery, plates...)
  • Linens (bed sheets, towels, quilts (winter season),etc.)
  • TV (only works with usb, hdmi...)
  • 4m Awning
  • Unlimited Km
  • Telephone assistance for any questions or problems that may arise
  • Cleaning Set (cloth, rags, soap, 2 toilet paper)


Option to choose payment of 25% or 100% of the rental amount to formalize the reservation (weekend winter pack will be paid in full when making the reservation).

Fuel, fines and tolls will be the responsability of the lessee. The processing of each sanction entails a charge of 25€ on the bail card

In the event of incurring an accident or sanctioning the driver for alcohol, drugs or reckless driving, all passengers with Civil Liability will be jointly and severally liable for the resulting costs.

Unlimited Km included in the rate.

Penalties for rental cancellation according to rates

Rental cancellation, refundable amount with the following penalties:

- If the booking is canceled 30 days before departure ... refund of 100% of the amount in advance.

- If the booking is canceled between 15 and 30 days before departure ... total loss of the amount of the reservation or 50% if the rent has been paid in full.

- If the booking is canceled within the last 15 days of departure ... total loss of the amount of the reservation


The contract holder AUTHORIZES BCLEAN AUTOMÓVILES MENORCA S.L., in the event of any reason to retain the guarantee deposit or debit other expenses subject to this rental contract, to charge up to 800 euros on the bank card (type) CREDIT / DEBIT.

The return of the DEPOSIT will be made after 48h of the return, if there are no incidents, incurrinc a criminal offense of fraud typified in article 248 of the Penal Code, by cancelling the associated card without justified reason, not providing a new one in case of loss or justification accredited to this business.

What happens if there is an accident or incident with the vehicle?

In the event of any type of accident or fortuitous incident that prevents the continuation of your trip, the contract is automatically terminated, so there is no right to any type of refund of the amount paid or the remaining days of the rental. Tire incidents will always be responsability of the driver, check them at the start. If the vehicle were damaged in a departure prior to yours or for reasons of force majeure it was not operational on the delivery date, you would be entitled to a refund of the amount paid or to the variation of dates, plus an extra day, depending on availability, exempting the lessor of other responsabilities.

In case of not being able to locate the lessor due to an incident, the roadside assistance telephone number is: +34 933001050.

If during the rental any accidental breakage of the motorhome's locking system occurs, we recommend going to our workshop, as soon as possible, for its repair, and thus avoid possible thefts.

In case it happens on a trip outside of Menorca, we recommend that you go to the nearest motorhome workshop. **Bclean Caravaning Menorca is not responsible for the belongings of each client in case of theft or robbery in the motorhome.

Under no circumstances will the lessee be exempted from his civil, administrative, criminal or any other type of responsibilities that are the consequence of an accident or malicious behavior. The insurance (full risk with excess) will not proceed in the event that the lessee has caused damage premeditated or negligently, in this case the lessee assuming all responsibility. It will be considered malicious behavior:

- If you don't respect the traffic rules

- If it has occurred driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

- If it has been caused by the driving of an unauthorized person in the rental contract

- If it has occurred due to not taking into account the dimensions of the vehicle, ignoring the traffic signs that warn of it (such as passing through tunnels with limited height).

- If they are due to reckless driving

- If they have been caused by exceeding the maximum weight allowed

- If they have been caused by any conduct not allowed in this contract and thus specified in it

The lessee is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and the passengers, so he must take the necessary security measures to guarantee the safety of the passengers and the vehicle, that is, ventilation of the vehicle, seat belts properly fastened, minors sleeping in the lower beds...

What should I do if I have a mishap or incident that does not prevent me from continuing the trip?

Whenever a mishap occurs, the rental company must be notified so that we can prepare the relevant spare part and this is not a reason for delay in subsequent rentals that would encumber the deposit. If it's a piece that prevents a correct subvsequent rental and has not been notified in advance, the cost to be assumed by the lessee will be 300€ + the value of the piece


Over 23 years old AND 2 years of driving license (B1).

It is mandatory to present physically a valid identity document and driver's license (not expired), when picking up the vehicle.

Countries that are not in the European Union, except Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, must present an international drivinf license, or failing that their driving license has an official translation in Spanish.

In case of non-compliance with any previous section, the company reserves the right to cancel the rental, losing the tenant the advance amount for their reservation, as well as the right to request any compensation.


It involves a charge of 50€/hour for the first three, and 100€/hour for the following.


Interior cleaning, emptying and cleaning of black water (WC) and emptying og grey water (shower, sink...), and leaving the fuel tank at 100%.

* Smoking is FORBIDDEN inside the vehicle. Failure to comply carries a charge of 50€ for cleaning. **DO NOT FILL THE TANK WITH CLEAN WATER AND WHEN RINSING THE WC, DO NOT ADD THE BLUE CHEMICAL ENVELOPE. *** It is FORBIDDEN to raise pets on beds and sofas, the same breach entailing a penalty of 50€.


- It will be the obligation of the contract holder to notify the lessor in case of departure with the leased vehicle outside the island of Menorca, at least 24h before the signing of the contract.

- In case of not notifying the departure, in addition to the tenant being responsible for any problem that may arise during the rental, the tenant must pay a fine of 600€.


- It will be the obligation of the contract holder to notify the lessor in case of departure with the leased vehicle outside the island of Menorca

- The notification must be made at least one week before the signing of the contract. *(Only allowed European territory)

- In case of not notifying the departure, in addition to the tenant being responsible for any problem that may arise during the rental, the tenant must pay a fine of 600€.


It is delivered anywhere on the island of Menorca at an additional cost depending on the area.

Deliveries at the airport will incur a cost of 60€ each way (delivery, and then return), and deliveries at the company's office will be free.


The vehicle will be delivered with a full tank and must be filled 100% before the return.

Failure to refuel will incur an additional charge of 25€ + the cost of fuel.

***Wrong refuelling carries a cost of 300€.


The lessee will not proceed to demand any compensation if, due to force majeure or fortuitous cause, the vehicle could not be delivered on the agreed day. A major cause is understood as a failure or loss that cannot be repaired by the expected date of delivery of the motorhome.

In the event that the tenant, by his own unilateral decision, starts the rental late or ends it early, he will not be entitled to any refund.

It is expressly prohibited to use the vehicle for any activity contrary to morals, laws and good customs. It is expressly prohibited to transport more people than is permitted by law, to carry out races, to transport goods or objects, whether or not they are permitted by our legislation, to assign their use for consiferation or profit.

The user is responsible for any sanction or fine, which, for contravening the current provisions, is imposed, reaching the same responsability in the event that due to his fault the vehicle was retained or seized, also running with the expenses and loss of profit of the lessor for the duration of the unavailability of the vehicle, applying for each day that the amount per day is withheld or seized, according to the model and current rates of the rental price of the vehicle.

In case of stoppage of the vehicle for a reason solely and exclusively attributable to the lessee, the latter will be responsible for the damages derived from said stoppagm such as: Filling the diesel tank with water or gasoline, or the opposite. Bearing the costs of said stoppage or change of deposit.


Make sure that in the place chosen to park the motorhome, park or spend the night is allowed to do, so there are no prohibitions.

Forbidden to drain gray or black water in unsuitable places, only to do in places indicated for it

Forbidden leaving waste or signs of your presence in places where you have stayed.

Take out and mount camping elements outside only in permitted places.

Do not let pets loose.